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Chris Webber chooses Detroit; Nazr on his way out?

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According to ESPN, Chris Webber has made up his mind to join the Pistons beginning Tuesday. Webber apparently sent an email to the Associated Press announcing his decision. So, unless you think Chris is a liar... (go ahead, get it out of your system, Michigan basketball fans)... the Pistons should have a revamped rotation in time for Wednesday's matchup against Utah.

To make room for Webber, it looks like Nazr Muhammed will be the odd man out. ESPN cites league sources saying that the Pistons have discussed a Nazr for Marko Jaric trade with the Timberwolves. The proposed trade would seem to benefit both teams and, especially, both players. Both Nazr and Jaric are hoping for new starts after experiencing steadily diminishing minutes. [Update: Here's the Star-Tribune article talking about it] For "what-ifs" sake, Jaric is signed through 2010-11 and will make $5.5 million this season.

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