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Nazr Mohammed: trade me or play me

Nazr Mohammed played 16 minutes to Jason Maxiell's zero this afternoon. I speculated in my live-blog that the Pistons may be showcasing Nazr for a trade, and I'm even more convinced of it right now after reading Nazr's pre-game comments in A. Sherrod Blakely's blog:

Mohammed came about as close as you can come to asking for trade just a few minutes ago.

"I like to be part of what the team is doing on the floor," he said. "So if I'm not in the plans, then yes, I would ask for a trade."

Mohammed's probably not going to play much tonight - or any other nights in the immediate future unless someone gets hurt.

Dumars has made a habit out of moving unhappy players quickly, and I suspect Mohammed will be suiting up for another team very soon.

If Nazr was in fact being showcased, he could have done himself a favor by playing a bit better -- he had just four points on 1-3 shooting with four boards and a block. That's not bad production given his minutes, but he was also limited by four fouls.

Oddly enough, the team reportedly interested in Nazr is the Timberwolves, who got an up-close look at what he can do. The Pistons are rumored to be looking at Marko Jaric, who didn't play because of a thumb injury. Swapping Nazr's contract for Jaric's is about a wash (they both have four years left after this year for roughly the same amount of money), but I'd like to think Nazr is worth more on the trading block -- he's not great, but he's a legitimate big man, which is harder to come by than an average combo guard. We'll see.

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