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Chris Webber press conference: team fudges the transcript

Another day, another Chris Webber post. I'm sure you've heard bits and pieces on the radio or on the news, but in case you missed it here's the full video from NBA.comOr on YouTube: part 1, part 2 and part 3. and the transcript from of the introductory press conference.

As you'd expect, this was more PR than news -- nothing terribly exciting came out that we didn't already know. But having watched the video and read the transcript, I did notice a couple of odd mistakes. I'll explain. First, this is what appeared in the transcript (emphasis mine):

Can you talk about the process that brought you here? You considered the Lakers. You considered some other teams. Were the Pistons the frontrunner all the way or did you check what your other options were?

Webber: Well, you know, not being really in a position before to go anywhere without any type of restrictions I wanted to make sure that all the options in the obvious places really had good teams. The way it came down to this place, more so than being home, more so than anything else, it was the fact that you all really showed that you wanted me here. The organization, the coaches I got to talk to, everyone let me know that they really wanted me and you want to be wanted. You want to be apart of an organization that wants you and makes you want to be part of them too. And the guys on the team and the way they get along. I played with Rasheed before. I played with the guy and he told me by far this was the best locker room he has ever been in before.

Now, watch the video (the question is asked at the 5:22 mark, if you want to wait for it to load so you can skim forward):

If you noticed, Webber actually says, "more so than anything else, it was the fact that Joe really showed that, you know, he wanted me here." That one is a bit minor, but it definitely changes the tone a bit to make the fans (ie, the paying customers) look better.

The second discrepancy in that quote seems a bit more deliberate. What Webber actuallysaid was, "I played with Rasheed before. I played with a guy Maurice Evans, who played on this team last year, and he told me by far this was the best locker room he had ever been in before." Context: Rasheed and Webber were teammates during Rasheed's rookie year in 1996. Evans and Webber were teammates in Sacramento in 2004-05, or at least until Webber was traded to the Sixers in the middle of the season.

I'm fine with a transcript editing out all of the "um's," "uh's" and "you know's" of natural conversation, but this is flat-out changing what Webber actually said. I'm not saying Rasheed wouldn't agree with Evans, but Webber never put those words in Rasheed's mouth.

So I'm left to wonder: is this the case of a lazy intern half-assing his job, or was this done on purpose to subtly put Rasheed (who could use some positive PR) in positive light? Or, to create an even crazier conspiracy theory, is the club trying to erase any memory of Mo "The Mole" Evans ever playing here?

Perhaps I'm over-analyzing, but I didn't go looking for this, it was just something that jumped out at me as I read it since I already watched the video. As inconsequential as this is, you have to admit it's kind of odd. (I wouldn't be surprised if it's changed soon now that I pointed it out, but for what it's worth I have a screenshot.)