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Rasheed is none too happy with Chris Sheridan

So yeah, you know that Chris Sheridan article that Matt cited earlier today? Let's just say that Sheed isn't too happy about it. From the Detroit News:

Rasheed Wallace's temper boiled over following the Pistons' practice Thursday as he shouted expletives at writer Chris Sheridan.

Wallace took offense to a story Sheridan wrote that appears on the Web site.

Wallace sought out Sheridan approximately 25 minutes after the team left the practice floor and reporters were waiting to talk to players.


In response to the article, Wallace said to Sheridan: "Have you ever heard the word hate come out of my mouth?"

Wallace also accused Sheridan of trying to create "drama."

As Wallace was yelling at Sheridan, Sheridan suggested that Wallace calm down and discuss the matter privately.

This begs the question: if there was nothing wrong, then why would 'Sheed be caring about Sheridan or what he writes?

Also, Natalie at Need4Sheed was all over this from the git.

Update:'s Keith Langlois has some quotes from Flip Saunders on Rasheed leaving the huddle:

"He did that all 64 games we won last year and he did that all 18 games we lost," Saunders said. "That’s just what he’s always done. He’s never doing anything to be disrespectful. He’s not leaving the huddle before everything is said. When he leaves the huddle, it’s because we’re done.

"He’s done that his whole career. Some guys want to sit down, some guys stand and walk around. His thing is he goes and sits at center court and thinks about things. A lot of times, I’ll go up and I’ll talk to him there. He’s not doing that out of disrespect.

"I don’t think he hates me. That’s a pretty strong statement."

Wallace repeatedly asked Sheridan if he’d ever heard the writer’s assertions come from Wallace and, as he walked away, said "that’s how that (garbage) gets started."

Saunders also added this . . .

"It’s a fine line with Sheed because two weeks ago he had no emotion and that’s all we talked about," Saunders said. "He’s got to play with emotion. The last two technicals he’s had, Atlanta and here, he’s actually been talking to his teammate, (Antonio) McDyess. McDyess was more shocked at the T than anybody."

. . . which is flat-out wrong. Anyone with a TV could hear that he was arguing with the ref. Granted, he may have been arguing about the fact that he was talking to a teammate when the ref told him to quiet down, but he still didn't get the tech until he started swearing at the ref.

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