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Webber starts, Rasheed speaks

Earlier reports indicated that Chris Webber would come off the bench tonight, but A. Sherrod Blakely writes in his blog that Webber will start. Also, Blakely has Rasheed Wallace's first quote since yesterday's post-practice fracas:

"At points in the season, yeah, players and coaches are going to have their differences. But it's not to the point where I hate that man, or I think he's a bad person, (expletive) like that. He (Sheridan) wanted to make it seem like it was all bad here; bad between players and coaches, and between each other, but it's not that at all."

Update: Keith Langlois from touched upon this whole Rasheed/Sheridan thing again today:

I’ll admit that I did not notice the looks Wallace’s teammates gave him as he left the timeout huddle. But the fact he left the timeout huddle surely could not have caused them any surprise. As Saunders correctly noted – and Sheridan, too, in fact – he’s done that his whole career, certainly for as long as he’s been in Detroit, even when Larry Brown coached here, and no one suggested Wallace didn’t like or respect Brown.

But I did see Wallace sitting on the scorer’s table, near mid-court, as he always does. I did see Webber come over to talk to him. Sheridan did not mention that Webber was grinning as he was talking to Wallace – not attempting to mediate or pacify, as Sheridan intimated – and that Wallace smiled at whatever Webber said, and said something back that made Webber grin some more, and that the facial expression Wallace made as Webber walked back to the bench, still grinning, did not strike me or anyone who noticed it as anything but typical Wallace.

In other words, Chris Sheridan is the only one who thought Wallace’s behavior suggested trouble brewing with the Pistons. But because he works for ESPN, whose reporters by virtue of their stage are presumed experts, a lot of people are going to be selling this story as gospel.