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Chauncey Billups scheduled for MRI today

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Chauncey Billups is scheduled for an MRI on his injured calf today, and once the team has the results they should get a better idea of just how much time he's expected to miss. From the Detroit Free Press:

"We'll know more after we see how his leg is reacting after a couple of days," Saunders said. "Then we'll play it by ear at that point. We'd like to see if we can get him back for Chicago (on Saturday)."

Billups did not need crutches and appeared to walk comfortably as he roamed the sideline Sunday.

"We'll have to see," Billups said. "It's feeling better today, but I don't know. I have no days (in mind). I'm not going to play until I feel better, until I feel all the way right. That's what I do know."

The team originally predicted Billups would be sidelined 10-14 days, but the Bulls game on Saturday will be just eight days after he suffered the injury. Obviously Saunders appears to be optimistic -- I guess we'll find out if he has reason to be later today.

Jan. 3 Update: No news yet in the papers, but the Freep says the Pistons are expected to announce the results sometime today (Wednesday).