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The Interplanetary Pistons!

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You may have seen new episodes popping up after games on TV20 this year -- the one above is from last season, but I'm not sure it ever actually aired. Funny, though, how the whole "replacing Ben" plot line still works.I wonder if it was his "un-ruly Super Fro" which led him to removing himself from the lineup last April...

A company called Jamination puts these together. I only uploaded the one above (episode 4) to YouTube, but if you're ever bored you can waste about an hour watching nine episodes from 2005 and eight from last year from their website. Some of the later episodes from last year are unfinished (missing sound in some places) which leads me to believe they never aired, but they're still entertaining.

But we're getting off topic -- Kelly Tripucka's mustache really was a sight to behold.

Interplanetary Pistons - 2006 Episode 4 [YouTube]
2005 Interplanetary Pistons [Jamination]
2006 Interplanetary Pistons [Jamination]

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