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Ric Bucher: Nazr for Jaric deal in the works?

Take it with a grain of salt, but ESPN talking head Ric Bucher just said on ESPN2's NBA Coast-to-Coast that the Timberwolves are "ready to deal Marko Jaric to the Pistons for Nazr Mohammed, but they're waiting until they're able to revoke Eddie Griffin's contract" in order to avoid paying the luxury tax, which is a mandate from owner Glen Taylor.

Griffin, as you may recall, was recently suspended five games for violating the league's anti-drug program. He has a long, long history of off-court problems -- notably, crashing his SUV this summer because he was "drunk and masterbating" while driving. Taylor said the team was careful to include "protective language" in his contract, and it seems to me that a failed drug test would have been included as a reason for the club to nullify his contract.

I'm not sure if Bucher has sources that verify the Pistons and Timberwolves actually have a real deal in place that will become official once Griffin is off the books, or if he just meant the T'Wolves would be that much more inclined to pursue such a trade with Griffin gone, but it's something to watch for. (That said, I'm confused why it would even matter -- I'm no salary capologist, but I do know Jaric makes slightly more than Mohammed this year, so their salaries would seem to cancel each other out, right?)