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Mid-term report card: Grading the Pistons

The All-Star is still a few weeks away, but the season's true midpoint is this Friday when the Pistons play their 41st game of the season. Not surprisingly, everyone seems to be taking the time to evaluate the Pistons' season thus far. Chris McCosky does a player-by-player recap in the Detroit News, while Krista Jahnke hands out mid-season grades in the Free Press.

Read the whole article for Jahnke's reasoning behind each grade, but these are her marks (bear in mind as you're reading that you're grading not just the overall contribution to the team, but how well a player fills his specific role):


  • Chauncey Billups -- B+
  • Rip Hamilton -- A-
  • Tayshaun Prince -- B
  • Rasheed Wallace -- C-
  • Chris Webber -- Incomplete


  • Lindsey Hunter -- A-
  • Antonio McDyess -- C
  • Carlos Delfino -- B
  • Dale Davis -- B
  • Jason Maxiell -- B+
  • Flip Murray -- D
  • Nazr Mohammed -- D+
  • Amir Johnson -- Incomplete
  • Ronald Dupree -- A
  • Will Blalock -- C


  • Flip Saunders -- B

I'm going to put together my own mid-season evaluation this weekend, but I'm interested in your thoughts. Do you agree with these grades? Disagree? Have it out in the comments.

Pistons' midseason grades [Detroit Free Press]