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Amir Johnson not going to the D-League … for now

Amir JohnsonChris McCoskey on whether or not Amir Johnson will be sent to the NBDL:

Q. How come the Pistons haven't sent Amir Johnson to the NBDL yet?

A. Part of the problem is logistics. The Pistons' developmental league affiliate is Sioux Falls, S.D. The Pistons would like for Johnson to get there and play some games. But they would also like to send either director of scouting George David or director of player development Ryan Hoover with him. Johnson is only 19 years old, mind you. He still thought the D-League team was in Fayetteville. When told of the change, he didn't even know where Sioux Falls was.

The Pistons couldn't rightly send Johnson out there on his own and right now, David's and Hoover's services are needed with the parent club.

McCosky also notes that travel times enter the equation -- it'd be far more convenient for the Pistons if they had a minor league affiliate within driving distance, not in South Dakota 863 miles away.

That said, Johnson got into all of three games last year and just two games so far this year -- he's not even dressed on most nights, so I find it hard to believe that the Pistons would actually find themselves in a position where they absolutely need him to be active on less than a day's notice.

It makes sense to leave Johnson with Pistons [Detroit News]