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A push is better than a shove

Blazers Edge recently talked with Jason Quick, beat reporter for The Oregonian. Quick talked about all sorts of things, including his first day on the job (Rasheed Wallace was a little less than welcoming) as well as some of his favorite former Blazers:

Also one of my all-time favorites was Dale Davis. A great, great guy. Funny as hell. A big teddy bear. Loved to have fun. We would often bet on trick shots, and we once bet on who would win a race from one end of the court to the other. It came about during a practice, when I chided him about being old and slow. "Who you calling slow?'' he asked. "You,'' I said. So we lined up on the baseline, and with the team watching, we raced. He killed me. With those long legs, the race was over before we reached halfcourt. I will always remember Cheeks coming up to me after the race and saying, "Bet you have a little more respect now for what a professional athlete is, huh?'' Couldn't have put it better.

Another funny story about Dale. We were in New Orleans one year, and as usual, I found myself at the blackjack table at Harrahs the night before the game. It was getting into the wee hours of the morning when I decided to leave, but I happened upon Dale at a table. I saddled up and played for several hours with him, his agent and his girlfriend. Every time he would push with the dealer, he would say "A push is better than a shove". At any rate, the game against the Hornets was an afternoon tilt, and I was hurting. Apparently, so was Dale, for at halftime, a sheet was passed along press row that said 'Blazers center Dale Davis will not return: headaches.' I'll never forgive him for not playing hurt like I did.