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Pistons play for homecourt advantage in Washington

The Pistons and Wizards meet up tonight for the final time this season. The Pistons took the first two meetings in November, but the Wiz extracted revenge in a close game at the Palace on Friday. Should the Pistons and Wiz finish with the same regular season record, this game will be a deciding factor if the Pistons get home-court advantage in the playoffs.

It's hard not to admire what the Wizards have been doing lately, but I'm still confident Detroit can get into the same type of groove once the roster and rotations gets a chance to gel. From the sounds of things, though, not all Wizards fans are too worried about Detroit. From Bullets Forever:

We kind of did this already Friday, but let me reiterate that, of the contending teams in the East, Detroit scares me the least. The Wizards match up better with Detroit than either Cleveland, Miami (a top team in name only), or Chicago. This is especially true when they play Chris Webber at center, because Antawn Jamison can now guard a player who won't pound him inside. There's a reason why Antonio McDyess dominated the Wizards in the last matchup, while Webber struggled.

That's not to say Detroit isn't a formidable team. I'd just rather see them than Cleveland or Chicago.

Oh, he just dealt the disrespect card -- nice! Here's Ivan Carter of the Washington Post:

Detroit's bench doesn't scare anyone and in that sense, the Pistons are very similar to the Wiz. Flip Murray and Nazr Mohammed don't play anymore, Lindsey Hunter is a capable defender and gives Gilbert a hard time but he's not a scorer and Carlo Delfino's nice games come and go. Whover gets the most from their bench tonight will win the game.

Hmm... I guess not everyone is worried about McDyess. What's Wizznutzz saying?

Wizards just cant be stopped whether its against "Leprechaun IV: All QUiet on the DeLonte Western Front" or the Throwdown in Motown. Hey is CWebb on the Tyra Banks diet??? 9 wins over .500 is like Ledell Eackles genome: uncharted territory! SOmetimez it doesnt even seem like Wiz r so good but just that suddenly everyone else seems so ugly around them. Its like the reason Steve Czaban has so many friends!

Hard to argue with that. Meanwhile, the D.C. Sports Bog presents us this video of Chauncey Billups and his Tahitian Noni juice:

Persistence and Noni juice? I'm pretty persistent, I think, which means I might be just a few glasses of Noni juice short of an NBA contract. Oh, Chauncey also says "It keeps you stronger longer," without specifying what exactly he's talking about, although I think I might have gotten an e-mail about that.

I think Dan Steinberg and I are on the same email list. In any case, this is one of those games that you should be excited about. Ball tips at at 7 pm, and it's on NBA TV for all you out-of-towners. As usual, leave your game thoughts in the comments.