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Pistons and Nets

New Jersey NetsThe Pistons play New Jersey tonight looking to get that bad taste of losing out of their mouths. The Nets are a team I'm not too fond of, though in all honesty it's hard to take them quite as seriously as we once did -- we've already beat them twice last month (the 16th and 26th).

But here's to hoping the Pistons don't have the same laissez faire attitude as me.

Also, this is completely unrelated, but Chris Silva has a nice piece on Amir Johnson in today's Free Press. I missed it earlier otherwise I would have put it up in it's own post, but it's a good read. Johnson comes across as a real good kid who's actually eager to go down to the D-League to continue working on his game.

Ball tips at 7:30 on FSN -- leave your thoughts in the comments.