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Minnesotans won’t let the Flip Saunders rumor die

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University of Minnesota GophersFrom the St. Paul Pioneer-Press:

Rumors persist that Flip Saunders of the Detroit Pistons will return to his alma mater as the Gophers men's basketball coach next season.

And people say blogs are irresponsible? The only way Saunders will be coaching the University of Minnesota Gophers next season is if the Pistons fire him, right? So, these rumors, are they predicting an early-round exit for the Pistons in the playoffs? If they are, can they also tell me tomorrow's lottery numbers?

Saunders went to college at the University of Minnesota and made his mark in the NBA coaching the Timberwolves, so I can see why some Gophers fans are interested in having him return. But I'm guessing the only reason "rumors persist" is because another Minnesota writer mentioned the possibility in another newspaper across town.

It's a circle -- they're feeding off each other. Isn't there any actual news for them to write about in Minnesota?