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Pistons slide into Oklahoma City

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Chris Paul on crutchesThe Hornets are playing without Chris Paul (pictured right), Peja Stojakovic, David West and Bobby Jackson. Even with Chauncey Billups still sidelined, this is a game the Pistons should win.

But as we all discovered the last time the Pistons faced the short-handed Hornets, absolutely nothing is guaranteed -- a lesson fans and players alike should have learned during the team's current three-game slide.

The Pistons have played their best when taking part in a back-to-back series. Tonight, they're coming off of three days of rest with another coming tomorrow. That said, this game will be played in front of a national audience on TNT, so I won't be surprised if the Pistons come out with more first-quarter energy than we've seen in most games this year.

As usual, leave any thoughts about the game in the comments.