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The secret to Vinnie Johnson’s success…

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... was Il Hwa Korean Ginseng?

Vinnie Johnson Ginseng

Special thanks to diebmx, who added this -- quite possibly the world's greatest picture -- to the Detroit Bad Boys photo pool on Flickr. Words can't express how badly I want this thing framed and hanging on the wall of my office. I asked diebmx where he found it, and he replied with this:

I found that poster on a small chinese convenience store around Canal Street in NYC. They had that at street level behind a huge glass and it was by night so that was the best i could do with my camera and some photoshop editing. They had the other poster besides, the one of the stress of narcotics (my next picture on the stream) so that was quite surrealistic.

I don't know, i was a big lakers fan when I was a kid and I hated the bad boys when they won the first title ring against them. Once I grew up i started to really understand the greatness of these Pistons.

And now i'm a devoted fan!

Check this picture, is the same one, taken in the same place by someone other. It seems that there is only a copy of that poster in the whole world...

From the other link, this store appears to be on Mott and Bayard -- anyone in NYC know where that is? Has anyone ever seen this poster before, and better yet, does anyone out there have a lead on how I can get my hands on one?