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Finally: Ben Wallace vs. Detroit

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Yea Baby!(Thanks to MichSt, who submitted this pic to the DBB photo pool on Flickr.)

Do you have tickets? I sure wish I did.

I can't remember a regular season game I've wanted to attend more than this. In fact, I think it's safe to say that we've all been looking forward to this since the day he told the Pistons he's leaving on July 3.

I put together a preview type thing over at the FanHouse, and Justin Rogers did the same over at Full-Court Press yesterday.

But for most fans, it's impossible to squeeze inside a single post the amount of anticipation we have for this game. I just went back and read our first reactions to Ben's departure, and you can see the anticipation dripping off every word. See for yourself, and be sure to delve into all of the discussions in the comments, as well:

For some new stat-head material regarding the trade, the Wages of Wins folks reviewed how the trade is working out for Detroit and Chicago. For more touchy-feely reactions from Ben and the Pistons, there are plenty of articles in the Chicago Tribune, Detroit Free Press, Detroit News and MLive. [update: and Blog a Bull, of course.]

If you're not in Chicago holding tickets like those above, hopefully you'll find yourself within viewing distance of a TV to take this one in. The balls tips at 8:30 on TV20 in Detroit and NBA TV elsewhere. There's really not much more I can say, but I welcome your thoughts in the comments on Ben, the game and whether or not you agree that this will be the most important game the Pistons have played yet this season.