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No Chauncey or Lindsey tomorrow

Chauncey Billups has been ruled out for tomorrow -- which may mean he's not going to return until next week. Keith Langlois explains on

Saunders said Chauncey Billups will not play against Philadelphia on Tuesday. It might be tough for Billups to get back before the end of the week, in that scenario, because Saunders usually gives them a day off after playing back-to-backs, and that means Billups might not practice until next week with back-to-backs Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday and Saturday.
Hunter, meanwhile, ruled himself out of Tuesday’s game after testing himself in practice Monday.

"I’m going to have a nice suit on the (sideline), trying to help my team," he said. "I have no earthly idea (of a timetable for his return). I just have to work hard and when I’m back, I’m back."