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Is Detroit’s chemistry showing cracks?

Flip Saunders addressed the Pistons' lack of consistency in practice today:

"I approached our guys today," he said. "I’ve heard enough about the playoffs. That doesn’t cut it with me. We’ve got an obligation not only to ourselves and our teammates, but also to the fans. I know if I buy a ticket to Bob Seger, I want to see a performance the first night the same as I get the last night. We are entertainers, too. We’ve got to get a mind-set that every game we play, that’s the most important game that night."

Tayshaun Prince backed him up:

"We’ve had a couple guys late for practice the last couple of weeks. He mentioned that, just trying to get here on time, stuff in the locker room, just trying to sharpen up and focus on things a lot better. I think that’s the right thing. I think that’s what’s hurting us more than anything."

Sigh. I tackled this on the FanHouse just now.