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Belated Philly preview: Rasheed Wallace sits, Jason Maxiell starts

The one game we don't put up a preview post ... I have no idea what's going on (I'm recording the game to watch later), but apparently Jason Maxiell replaced Rasheed Wallace in the starting lineup tonight, though Sheed is in fact playing.

Have they explained this on TV? Discipline maybe? Tayshaun mentioned people had been late to practice, and Sheed is probably the first person everyone thought of... Or maybe Flip just read my piece on the FanHouse when I suggested Sheed be benched a few games.

More to come later, but go ahead and take your best guess what's going on in the comments.

Update: Flip Saunders confirmed it after the game: Rasheed showed up late to practice yesterday, so late that Flip just told him to meet the team at the plane. Flip confirmed this was just a one game thing, but joked that you never know considering it worked out so well (Pistons won 98-89)

I didn't see anyone ask Rasheed about being late on FSN's coverage, but he seemed fine with coming off the bench. He said that shaking things up might be a good thing, and even suggested that he might tell Flip to go ahead and do it for another game or two. I don't know if he had more to say about it because FSN cut out soon after when Rasheed said he's been around for too many years to say (not exact quote, but along these lines) "Oh man, I'm not starting, that's some bullshit."

Another update: Keith Langlois already posted his recap on Here's Sheed's exact reaction (though Langlois completely edited out the word "bullshit" --censorship, boo!):

"I’m straight," Wallace said. "I might even ask him to do it again (Wednesday). Maybe that’s one of the things we need, just try something different. With (Maxiell) going out there starting, it gives him a chance to go and get his feet wet. I’ve got no problem with it. I’ve been around here too long to say, ‘Oh, man, I ain’t starting.’ I’m too old for that. Give Maxy a chance. That’s cool."

Yeah, another update:
As Mike D. points out the in the comments, Need4Sheed has Sheed's post-game interview on video.