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Pistons fall flat against the Jazz

I was in too much of a rush Friday afternoon to post an announcement here ahead of time, but I covered the Pistons/Jazz tilt for HOOPSWORLD last night, which entailed posting pre-game, halftime and post-game blog entries. That'll be something I'm doing for most home games this year, in addition to collecting other material for longer weekly features.

In the future, should I forget to remind you guys the night of, you can look for these things by going to Detroit's home page on HOOPSWORLD and clicking on "Blogs" on the lower-left-hand corner.

The game wasn't televised, but those of you who couldn't see it didn't miss much. Things looked good early for the Pistons before falling apart after halftime, in part because the officiating suddenly got tight. Rasheed Wallace picked up a tech in the first half after making a nice little move through traffic for a dunk and complaining about a no-call (not really complaining to anyone in particular, more like one of those "run down the court and kind of yell" type things). That set the stage for his ejection in the third quarter when he complained about getting called for a foul on defense.

Considering Amir Johnson and Nazr Mohammed were already sidelined, Wallace's ejection left the Pistons with few front court options, which is why Cheikh Samb saw extensive action. My early report on Samb? Pretty much everything we've heard before: he's got a surprisingly solid jumper that he can nail from 18 feet out, but he gets worked over inside by stronger players -- even players a foot shorter than he. But there's definitely talent there, even if he could use a three-week vacation at the Sveden House (do those even exist anymore?).

For the rest of my observations, check out HOOPSWORLD, and feel free to fire away in the comments if you have any questions about anything I didn't mention. Also, hate to put up a teaser, but I talked to Amir and Nazr about their respective injuries and should have an update up later this weekend (I'll tell you this much: Nazr might play Sunday, but Amir won't.)

Jazz 100, Pistons 85 box score [HOOPSWORLD]