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Rip won’t play; Fitch released

Couple of minor (and expected) updates: Rip Hamilton won't play tomorrow in Grand Rapids because of the sprained ankle suffered in Sunday's game.

There's been some speculation that he might miss the rest of the preseason, which sounds worse than it is. Bear in mind, a lot of stars miss these games even when healthy. Hamilton always seems to be in shape, so putting him out there before he's 110% doesn't make the most sense.

Also, the team released Gerald Fitch on Monday. A former college teammate of Tayshaun Prince, Fitch was never expected to make the team but was brought in simply to provide another body to practice with. Releasing him actually does him the favor of giving him time to perhaps latch on elsewhere.

The Pistons still have 16 contracts and only 15 roster spots, so another move will have to be made between now and the start of the regular season. The battle is most likely between Ronald Dupree and Sammy Mejia. I'm sure neither player would admit it -- Mejia told me on Sunday he's not paying attention to any of it -- but the pressure is on these next two weeks.