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Rasheed’s lavatorial advice to Cheikh

Krista Jahnke got one of the best post-game quotes you'll read all season for the Detroit Free Press:

After the game, Rasheed Wallace joked that if Samb weighed 175 when the team drafted him in 2006, "he weighs 176 now."

"Cheikh's still light in the chops," Wallace said. "But all that is is leverage. He's still standing straight up. Once he gets down more like a squat like he's taking a dump, he'll be all right. It's just a matter of foot control. But he's got a soft touch for a big man to be 7 feet, 7-1."

Wallace's numbers are a little off -- Samb is officially listed at 245 pounds -- but he's still got a long way to go before the phrase "rail-thin" does not apply. Samb actually had a decent game last night, collecting nine boards with eight points and a pair of blocks in 29 minutes. Of course, that came against a Nuggets squad that did not play Marcus Camby, Kenyon Martin, Nene or even Steven Hunter, but still. If he can put up stats like that (with maybe a few more points) in the D-League this year, we'd call it a successful year, right?

The other player worth pointing out was Jason Maxiell, who came through with 25 points and 12 boards. He shot 11-15 from the field and had six offensive boards in 34 minutes. He also blocked three shots while committing just one foul, which has been a problem for him in the past. Plus, and this is a good sign, he also had four assists. Doesn't sound like much, right? Just bear in mind that he had 14 assists all of last year.

For more observations, check out what DBB reader Charles X had to say -- he was at the game and left a detailed response in the game thread.

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