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On Rodney Stuckey’s progress

I caught up with Rodney Stuckey last weekend to talk about how he's adjusting to the NBA so far. From HOOPSWORLD:

Stuckey has made his share of mistakes - he's shooting just 35.7% from the field and has as many turnovers as assists - but he's maintained a positive attitude. While many rookies grow tentative at the first sign of difficulty, Stuckey realizes that the preseason is a necessary learning process.

"It's all about finding a rhythm," said Stuckey last weekend. "Every game I'm learning. Every game, I'm taking something from that game and putting it into my game."

What has he learned so far? For one, the speed of the NBA doesn't compare to what he was used to in college. "It's just a faster pace," he said. "Guys are just faster and stronger now, and the game's getting faster."

I think he's trying to say the game is faster. What's your impression of Stuckey so far? I think he's headed in the right direction. Yes, he makes some mistakes, but he's so consistent in his ability to get into the lane and get to the line. I haven't seen nearly enough of the other rookies around the league to speak about his Rookie of the Year chances, but I imagine he'll be a top contender, at least in the "non-starter" division.