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Pistons win … but lose Rodney Stuckey

Update: Six weeks. Six long weeks.

You know how everyone always used to talk about Detroit's knack for avoiding injuries the past few years? Ah, the good old days ... Lately, it seems no one can stay healthy. Amir Johnson missed all but 15 minutes of the preseason with a sprained ankle, Nazr Mohammed missed five games with a calf injury, Rip Hamilton missed the last three with a sprained ankle.

In hindsight, those were minor annoyances that did little more than disrupt the flow of training camp; the real pain happened Wednesday night when Rodney Stuckey busted up his left hand. X-rays were positive, revealing a break. No one knows how long he'll be sidelined, but when they do figure it out, it'll be measured in weeks, not days, which is disheartening with the season opener just seven days away.

Here are some of my other thoughts on the game, though Stuckey's injury is obviously the most important story line that emerged. I see the venting has already commenced. Feel free to continue, just be grateful that Flip Murray is still on the roster.