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Does Sammy Mejia have the edge over Ronald Dupree?

It's not yet official, but Chris McCosky of the Detroit News speculates on his blog that Ronald Dupree will be the guy the Pistons release to get their roster down to the regular-season limit of 15. An added bonus? Sammy Mejia is bilingual:

If Dupree is out, that means rookie Sammy Mejia is in. He would spend most of the year in the D-League with Cheikh Samb -- which is nice because they both speak Spanish, giving Cheikh somebody to talk to. Sammy could make an extra buck or two serving as his translator. When I was watching them play in the summer league in Vegas, Cheikh wouldn't let me interview him unless Sammy was there to translate.

If you're the conspiracy theory type looking for clues (that may or may not actually mean anything), consider this: Mejia is the subject of a feature (that, incidentally, doesn't even mention Dupree), and he was also the Piston selected to address the crowd prior to the last preseason game.

I can't say I'm rooting for either player, but I'd like to see Mejia get the nod, even if only because he's younger and more of an unknown (and as such, has theoretically greater upside). Plus, I like the idea that he played point forward during his four-year career at DePaul -- you can never have too many ball-handlers. Dupree is a veteran with a guaranteed contract; if he's the one who's cut, he'll land on his feet and likely latch on with another NBA team.