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Blakely: Amir Johnson out for season opener

A. Sherrod Blakely has a disappointing update on Amir Johnson in his blog today:

The setbacks just keep on coming for Amir Johnson. The $11M man will probably sit out the season opener at Miami due to a sore Achilles tendon. It doesn't appear to be too serious, but serious enough to where you don't want to risk him making it worse.
It's too soon to write this kid off as being injury-prone. But at the rate he seems to be coming back, getting hurt, coming back and then getting hurt again, it's a label he might be tagged with very soon.

I'm curious, if this injury happened to a starter, would it cause him to miss time? Or can the team afford to be extra cautious with Amir simply because he was only expected to play 5-10 minutes (if that) in the first place? I don't know the answer to that yet.

Also, regarding the "coming back, getting hurt, coming back and then getting hurt" cycle ... we're only halfway there, right? The sprained ankle was the first injury (and in fact, his first sprain ever), and the sore Achilles is his first setback, unless you count missing most of the preseason as a setback, but that was to be expected given the severity of the injury. This is just bad timing, not a reputation builder.

Update: Keith Langlois has an update on

Amir Johnson sat out the last 45 minutes of Tuesday’s practice when he continued to feel pain in his left Achilles tendon, which he said is the result of the sprained ankle he suffered on Oct. 5 that cost him the first seven preseason games. Johnson said his ankle is fine and that the residual pain in his Achilles, according to Kander, is typical and nothing that should linger or risk further injury.