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Peter Vecsey thinks Kobe fits best in Detroit

Peter Vecsey runs down several options for Kobe Bryant and comes to the conclusion that Detroit is the best fit:

With all due respect to the above mentioned, there may not be a more perfect fit than the Pistons. Obviously, they must give to get; Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince somewhat compensate L.A. for the loss of its crown jewel and also it works contractually.

Meanwhile, the vets who'd remain with the Pistons have won, as Kobe has won, so the pressure to win wouldn't be as great as in Chicago, New York, Atlanta or New Jersey, because they know how to done-do a title.

Then again, maybe Kobe's stretch-marked ego cannot be gratified performing in an out-of-the-way oasis vs. a sexy city. Still, if his No. 1 priority is to take the season to its triumphant limit for the fourth time in 12 years, what better spot (other than with a West contender) than beautiful downtown Auburn Hills?

"When your address is Auburn Hills, all you can do is win and win big, and that's what they do," an ex-Piston player decreed. "All they can offer Kobe is a great environment, a winning culture and no bullspit. If he's looking for something different than that, all I can say is 'OK.' "

(Real quick: "no bullspit"? Is it me or does a word like that just reek of Grant Hill?)

Don't even think of this as a rumor, though; it's just one guy riffing on something we all talked about last week -- it's not like Vecsey actually has additional reason beyond the logic he lays out to believe this can or will happen. Plus, as I've stated before, I don't think Rip and Tay gets the job done for L.A. -- they'd probably want a third or fourth piece, either in the form of one of our young players and/or a future pick. And that's probably too much for the Pistons to bite.

(hat-tip: bunches of people, including Justin Rogers, PN and the Freep)