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Past, present and future predictions

First things first: remember that "Predict the Roster" game we played back in June? Go read the post for details, but basically I asked you to list the opening day roster, and I awarded points for each player depending if they were already under contract, a free agent, a draft pick or a trade.

There were a whole bunch of responses, but I just did the math and found that we had two winners: Canuck and Stones4Life each had 17 points. Tom was a close second -- the only one with 16 points, near as I can tell -- and a whole slew of us (myself included) finished with 15. (Feel free to double-check my math, but I used a spreadsheet and everything ...).

So Canuck and Stones4Life, expect an email soon -- you each get to pick out a DBB t-shirt, gratis. If you didn't win, don't feel bad, you can still buy a shirt ...

Fun stuff, right? Of course, everyone loves making predictions, especially when they turn out to be correct. So with that in mind, leave your predictions for this season in the comments, including: 1) the final record; 2) place in the Central and the East; and 3) the most surprising development of the season.

That last one is a complete wild card -- have fun with it. There's nothing at stake for this one but the respect and admiration of your fellow DBB readers, and you just can't put a price on that.