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Rasheed’s ready to play the point

Rasheed Wallace is consistently mislabeled by outsiders as some kind of nuisance or, worse yet, a coach's nightmare. But from the sounds of things, he's actually one of the most prepared players on the team. From Krista Jahnke of the Detroit Free Press:

The team ended its hour-long workout Monday with an intriguing -- and sometimes hilarious -- drill. Coach Flip Saunders put everyone in different positions as they ran through plays, testing each man's knowledge of the offense.

Big men such as Rasheed Wallace, Jason Maxiell and Nazr Mohammed took turns at point guard. Guards such as Flip Murray and Billups played center.

Wallace, in particular, was impressive in the drill -- he didn't look lost or confused as he ran the offense, sometimes pointing teammates into the correct spots. And though he seemed to have fun with it, exaggerating his crossover and behind-the-back dribbles like a flashy point man, he said afterward he takes it seriously.

"Just coming down in transition, you never know where you're going to be at on the floor," Wallace said. "One guy might beat you to a spot, so you're going to have to fill in at another spot. It's better that way."