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On Antonio’s naked arm

On Wednesday, in his first game back after missing three with a shoulder injury, Antonio McDyess scored 20 points against the Knicks. After the game, he said that he'd probably continue to wear the sleeve for a few more games ... but there he was on Friday and Sunday without it. What gives? Chris McCosky has the answer in his blog:

On Monday, he told us why he abandoned the sleeve. His skin suffered an allergic reaction to it -- broke out in little rashes and bumps. He is allergic to Neoprine, which was an active ingredient in the sleeve. So, there you go.

Here's to hoping that McDyess won't suffer a setback because of it. I noticed at one point in Sunday's game he got a little shaken up and took a few moments to regroup hunched over holding his shorts, but it was hard to say what exactly was ailing him. The first thing I thought of was his shoulder, but he didn't come out of the game and didn't look worse for wear later in the game, so I pretty much forgot about it until reading McCosky's explanation.