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Sammy Mejia cut by Ft. Wayne

It's a fine, fine line between being good enough to play in the NBA and being banished overseas. Sammy Mejia, who almost made the Pistons roster, was waived by the D-League Ft. Wayne Mad Ants. From Chris McCosky's blog for the Detroit News:

Don't know if you caught this, but Sammy Mejia was cut from the D-League Fort Wayne team. Kind of a shocker. The late second-round pick was the last guy cut by the Pistons and one of the first cut by a D-League team. Problem was, apparently, Mejia's ankle hasn't gotten right since he hurt it in August. They don't carry any extra bodies in the D-League, so if you can't play, you are out. The Pistons think Mejia will hook on with somebody overseas, probably in China.

I won't say the guy tore up the preseason, because he didn't, but he was solid in the Vegas Summer League and generally looked like he knew what he was doing out there. Plus, as a point forward during his time at DePaul, he knew how to handle the rock.

I still believe that he'll eventually make his way back, but to think that he'll do it via Shanghai or Beijing, wow -- that's a tough break.

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