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Still waiting for Stuckey

Turns out his "earlier than expected" return won't happen after all. From Krista Jahnke of the Detroit Free Press:

Pistons rookie Rodney Stuckey left a doctor's visit Wednesday without the news he hoped to hear. He wasn't cleared for anything beyond the non-contact work he has been doing for the last week.

He meets with doctors again Dec. 7, the date the team originally hoped he'd be able to rejoin the lineup. If doctors clear him then, he'll first have to practice.

That means, more than likely, he won't return until the following week, perhaps during a Memphis-Houston back-to-back trip.

It's unfortunate, but it's also kind of hard to miss what you've never had (preseason excepted). The Pistons are obviously playing well at the moment, so his return will kind of be a nice bonus more than anything else.