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MSM tosses cliches at new media

Chris McCosky doesn't like bloggers. Or most bloggers. Or something.

I'm not touching it (because I already did two years ago and again this past summer), but plenty of other people have.

Update: I didn't provide a direct link on purpose. The column was designed to offend and elicit a reaction, so it's getting no direct traffic from this site.

Another update: I missed it (due to the lack of RSS!) but McCosky actually responded to some of the criticism lobbed his way, including a clarification:

And to those out there who are trying to run a credible, information-driven site, those who give credit to the reporters whose information and stories you refer to and really care about presenting a fair and accurate service, I apologize if you feel I lumped you into the same mix as the irresponsible sites. That was not the intent.

Hat-tip to TrueHoop for spotting the response.