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On prioritizing dental hygiene

Terry Foster of the Detroit News has a great story from Rip Hamilton about the birth of his baby boy last Wednesday:

[Rip] didn't understand that when a pregnant woman going through labor says call the doctor, it isn't wise to go to the bathroom and brush your teeth first.

But that's exactly what the old Rip Hamilton did when his girlfriend TJ Lottie told him she was going into labor. Hamilton wasn't sure if this was the real thing because he heard women often go through false labors.

Besides, the baby wasn't due until today. Hamilton had it all planned. He'd spend all day Sunday preparing for the birth and then have three days off before the Pistons played their next game.

"But I guess he wanted to come into the world early," Hamilton said.

Hamilton understood that when he heard screams from Lottie.

"She was like, 'I know you're not in there brushing your teeth,' " Hamilton said with a loud laugh. "That is when I knew she was serious."