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Rodney Stuckey’s timeline

Rodney Stuckey is intent on beating his doctor's estimate on how long he'll be sidelined. How intent? From Krista Jahnke of the Free Press:

He wants to play next Sunday in Seattle.

Asked whether he was bummed he'd miss playing in the team's only trip to his home metro area, Stuckey said, "No, I'm playing."

Wait ... what?

"Well, I know I probably won't," he said. "Probably not until after the West Coast trip."

Ah, okay. But still, that's earlier than expected. I also talked to him for HOOPSWORLD on Sunday about his progress:

The soft-cast and sling given to him immediately after the surgery didn't last very long, as he quickly exchanged those in favor of a small splint. He still wears the splint during the day but takes it off when it's time to practice.

That's right, he's already returned to practice. No, he's not yet able to scrimmage with his teammates, but he's already doing some limited basketball activities with his left hand. "With me, I'm on the side just running, just keeping my conditioning up, doing some ball-handling drills, catching things, squeezing. [I'm] just trying to get my strength back in my hand."

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