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Amir Johnson: "I’m about 95 percent"

Krista Jahnke has good news about Amir Johnson in her Free Press blog:

"I think I feel pretty good," Johnson said. "I think I’m about 95 percent. I’m getting up and down the floor, my jumping is not quite back but I’m able to work and work hard."

Johnson said the pain in the ankle – which spread to the Achilles tendon and his bone – is nearly gone.

"Today was probably the first day you couldn’t tell if he was hurt or not," small forward Tayshaun Prince said. "I think in the other practices you could tell he was hurt, limping up and down but trying to practice. This is the first day he looked in good shape."

Flip Saunders agreed, noting that Wednesday was Johnson's best practice since suffering the injury. It's still unclear how quickly Johnson will crack the regular rotation -- as previously noted, it may be awhile with Jason Maxiell playing so well -- but count me among those fans eager to see Johnson square up against Tyrus Thomas, even if it's for just a few minutes.