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Bulls hope Pistons will be their first victim

It's Pistons and Bulls in Chicago on TNT! Okay, I sound like a commercial, but this should be good. The Bulls are 0-4 but you have to figure they'll put up a good fight against a bitter rival at home in front of a national television audience. (Las Vegas agrees, listing Detroit as one-point underdogs.)

And besides, if the Bulls don't win soon, Scott Skiles may have a heart attack and/or kill someone -- he almost ripped the head off Joakim Noah earlier this week when Noah suggested (gasp!) that the Bulls looked "out of sync" in losing to the Clippers on Tuesday:

"I don't know. If I had just played my first game, I'd probably keep my mouth shut, to be honest with you," Skiles said. "It's obvious we're not playing to our ability. I may have a little problem with the phrasing of (Noah's comment), but the point is probably spot-on. But again, it probably should be someone else speaking for the team."

Because, you know, Ben Wallace and the rest of their veterans are such vocal leaders. In any case, Chicago's fans have yet to give up hope, as evident by this inspirational "the sky isn't falling yet" post a Blog-a-Bull.

And I agree: the sky isn't falling. Over the course of a season, a four- or five-game losing streak really isn't much to lose sleep over, especially when one of the games went to overtime. It's not ideal, of course, but it happens, and there's no reason to think Chicago won't eventually bounce back. In fact, I still pegged them the third best team in the East yesterday over at HOOPSWORLD ... but here's to hoping that first win doesn't happen tonight.

As usual, leave any thoughts on the game in the comments.