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Chris Webber will consider the Cavs?

From the Akron Beacon-Journal:

It has been reported by several media outlets that free-agent forward Chris Webber would only consider his hometown Detroit Pistons. According to a source close to Webber, though, he would also consider signing with the Cavs if the role was right. The Cavs are depleted in the frontcourt with Varejao missing and with Donyell Marshall out with injury.

The Cavs have just as much of a roster/salary crunch as the Pistons, although with their short-handed roster you have to figure they're more willing to bite the bullet to make it happen.

That said, restricted free agent Anderson Varejao is still unsigned by Cleveland, and sitting out the season is not an option -- at least, not if he wants to become an unrestricted free agent next summer. So far he's balked at the idea of playing for Cleveland's qualifying offer of $1.2 million, but if Webber emerges as a semi-legitimate option, I could see that changing.

So basically, while I don't see the Cavs actually signing C-Webb, the fact he's willing to play might still affect the Cavs roster in a round-about way.

(hat-tip: FanHouse)