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Pistons will keep it in the family

File this under the "things I've wanted to know but never had the heart to ask" category: Chris McCosky addresses what will happen to the Pistons organization when Bill Davidson eventually passes away:

I did an interview with Oscar Feldman before the season started. Feldman, a minority owner of the Pistons and Davidson's top advisor and business partner for more than 60 years, told me that all the paperwork was in order to keep the franchise in the Davidson family.

"It will absolutely stay in the family, you can rest assured of that," Feldman said. "Bill Davidson would never sell the team. It is his greatest joy outside of his family and there isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't call Tom (Wilson) or Joe (Dumars) to find out what's going on.

"Succession is assured. He has assured those who are in management that that is the case and steps have been taken to ensure that result."

I'm happy to hear this is the case, but I'm also not too surprised. According to Forbes, the Pistons are the fourth-most valuable NBA franchise at $477 million and second-most profitable with a $39.2 million operating income. (Just to put this into context, the Knicks are the most valuable at $608 million but actually recorded a loss of $42 million in operating income.)

For what it's worth, I should also point out that these numbers are only estimates -- it's not like the NBA simply decided to open their books for the world to see. (Thanks to joejoejoe for passing along the Forbes link.)