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Nazr Mohammed (finally) traded

I just saw it on ESPN, and after checking around it seems A. Sherrod Blakely is the first to print:

The Pistons are set to announce a trade with Charlotte that will send Nazr Mohammed to the Hornets, in exchange for Walter Hermann and Primoz Brezec. I'll have more details later. The Pistons also requested waivers on Ronald Dupree.

Very interesting -- Brezec is a capable C in a "takes up space" kind of way and Hermann is an awfully intriguing SF/PF.

Update: Above and beyond what Joe Dumars thinks of these two players, it's hard not to think money wasn't a factor: Nazr has three years left on his deal after this season; Hermann and Brezec, meanwhile, are free agents at the end of the season. Plus, the Pistons will shave money off their payroll this year: Nazr was scheduled to make $938,200 more than Hermann and Brezec combined this year.

Late update: I glazed right over the fact the little blurb above said Hornets, that's kind of funny ...