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All Samb wants for Christmas is his two front teeth

This was posted in the comments a couple of days ago (thanks, LanierFan), but I wanted to get it up here for everyone who missed it: although Cheikh Samb looked good in his first two games with the Mad Ants, he won't be playing again any time soon. From the Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel:

Seconds after Mad Ants center Cheikh Samb took an elbow to the mouth Friday night, he walked calmly to the bench.

Then he spit his two front teeth into his hand.

This was not the sort of toughening the Detroit Pistons had in mind when they sent Samb to Fort Wayne to work on his pro basketball skills.

"(It happened) on a play when he got a foul called on him," Ants coach Kent Davison said. "Go figure."

Samb’s teeth, which came out at the roots, were immediately placed in a saline-based "tooth saver," Ants athletic trainer Pam Kutella said. He was taken to a local dentist to have the teeth reset in his mouth. He also suffered a probable upper jawbone fracture, Kutella said.

"At minimum, he’ll be out two weeks to replace the teeth," she said, emphasizing that she didn’t have an official diagnosis Friday night. "At maximum, if he needs surgery, he’ll probably be out two months."

Just reading that makes me cringe (and not just because of my hokey title). I've yet to hear any updates on Samb's status, but here's for hoping surgery wasn't needed.