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The last time the Pistons faced Garnett …

January 19th, 2007:

My post on FanHouse:

This is where it gets interesting, right? No, this is where it fizzles out. McDyess started advancing toward KG, who actually threw a punch, but by that point KG was backpedaling so much he either missed or barely grazed McDyess' chest. Words were exchanged and McDyess clearly tried to get to KG, but KG was in full-fledged Carmelo hit-and-run mode, putting just enough space between the two for them to be separated by teammates, coaches and officials but staying close enough to hurl insults.

My post on DBB:

In any event, the little shoving match worked out in Detroit’s favor — with Minnesota’s head coach Dwayne Casey already benching Ricky Davis in the third quarter, the T’Wolves were without their top two leading scorers for the rest of the fourth and two overtimes. McDyess didn’t bait KG (it was the other way around), but he knew his team would have the advantage:

"I know they can win without me. I don’t think they can win without K.G.," said McDyess.

And they did -- 104-98 in overtime. Many thanks to DBB reader Mike Payne for reminding me about this. To be perfectly honest, I'll be shocked if there are any lingering feelings from this incident -- I doubt McDyess is even capable of holding a grudge -- but I'm surprised I haven't seen it mentioned in the build-up to this game.

Update: Blakely mentioned it this morning, and McCosky addressed it wrote something after today's shootaround.