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Jarvis Hayes has food poisoning

From Chris McCosky's blog:

Jarvis Hayes was sent home from practice today. He was sick. The Pistons think it was food poisoning. What that could mean, though, is our first look at Walter Herrmann. He hasn't put on a Pistons game uniform yet, since coming over from Charlotte. With the Pistons playing Indiana back-to-back, the Pistons might let Hayes sit out and rest Friday.

Herrmann didn't do much for Charlotte before being traded this year, but check out how he finished the 2006-07 season for the Bobcats. He's kind of been tagged a three-point specialist (he shot 46% from beyond the arc last year) but is a complete player when he's at his best. If he does in fact see the court, I'll be very curious to see what he can do.

(Kudos to DBB reader Diablo for the head's up.)