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Jason Maxiell gets no respect

For some reason I find this whole "keep Jason Maxiell humble" act by the veterans pretty hilarious. When they're not throwing basketballs at him when he's trying to give an interview, they're throwing barbs when they're giving an interview. Here's Lindsey Hunter talking to Krista Jahnke of the Detroit Free Press after Max went 18 and 11 against the Nets:

"He was OK," [Lindsey] Hunter said. "I'm not going to say he was all that, but Max was all right. He still missed a couple of defensive assignments. He gambled out on one play which he wasn't supposed to gamble on, and they hit a three in the corner, so you've got to keep him focused or he'll get besides himself."

Maxiell, whose locker is next to Hunter's, mumbled in mock outrage during that speech. Then, when asked about Maxiell's dunks, Hunter said, "That's nothing spectacular. He's supposed to do that."

Nothing spectacular?

Okay, maybe a little ...

That was too much. Maxiell had to turn around, mouth agape, hands on hips.

Finally, Hunter relented.

"No, he's been playing great," he said.

Just for kicks, Maxiell eats another baby (this time over Yi Jianlian) after the jump.