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Stuckey still sidelined

From the Freep's Krista Jahnke:

Stuckey met with doctors again Thursday, who told him again that they need to see him in two weeks before they can clear him. The next checkup is Dec. 20. As for the new time frame to look for him on the court during a game? Try 2008.

Stuckey said "for a minute" he thought about how much he'd love to get onto the court, but quickly turned back to his high-spirited, remarkably optimistic self.

"It's all about my future," he said. "It's not about right now. I can come back right now and play, but it's my future. If I reinjure my hand, I could shatter my whole hand and be out for the rest of the year. I don't really want that. It's about making my hand heal the right way."

Between this and the Bulls loss, this weekend isn't really shaping up to be much fun. Next up, Charlotte on Sunday, against whom Detroit inexplicably went 2-2 last year.