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A whole lotta streaking as Raptors visit Pistons

The Raps can run.Fresh off their own win over the Los Angeles Lakers and playing amidst their own five-game winning streak, the Toronto Raptors visit the Palace tonight for a showdown of division leaders. You'd be forgiven if, early in the season, you looked past the Raps. Not many thought they would even factor into the playoff picture (patting ourselves on the back), and most though the Nets would run away with the divison (shaking head, dejectedly).

So set your Tivos for this one, folks. A rare chance to see the Raps on TV... a possible playoff preview... a near guaranteed "Pistons selected Darko Milicic above Chris Bosh" mention...

Need I go on?

As always, feel free to unburden yourself of your Anna Nicole grief in the comments.