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Monday’s Layup Drill

  • If you're a fan of the NBA, you're a fan of The Basketball Jones podcast, whether you realize it or not. They just dropped Episode 100 (pronounced: "One-Zero-Zero") last night with an hour's worth of highlights from their first 99 episodes. Check it out.
  • Dave D'Allesandro, for my money one of the best NBA writers in the entire country, likes the Pistons in the East. (via TrueHoop)
  • According to at least one San Antonio beat writer, Detroit fans should start feeling bad about the Darko pick right about ... now. Why do I have a feeling this guy still writes "2005" on his checks? (via Need4Sheed)
  • The Mighty MJD has a letter from Ron Artest's Great Dane.
  • The awesome-ly named "" pairs up NBA players with hip-hop icons. He makes a strong case here: Isiah Thomas = Mos Def.

    Zeke the player was an absolute terror and undisputedly one of the top few point guards to ever play. And in addition to winning two NBA rings and a NCAA Championship, it’s notable to remember that the Isiah-led, blue-collar Piston’s team was the last team to ever beat MJ’s Bulls in the Playoffs (I don’t count the baseball season). Mighty Mos similarly led the blue-collar, underground hip hop movement of the mid-nineties. Mos has also moved on somewhat from his early days of spit-kicking and relentless lyricism, focusing instead on an acting career and a more avant-garde approach to album-making. But fortunately for everyone, these more recent projects of the New York-born Mos Def have in no way resembled the work Isiah has been up to in Gotham.

  • Chauncey Billups talks about Sam Cassell on

    And while Billups, 30, believes he has plenty of good seasons left, he's not sure he'll be playing when he reaches Cassell's age.

    "I think I could probably be playing as good as he is, and doing that, but I don't know if I would be playing at 37," Billups said. "I don't think I'll be doing that."

    This reminds me, do you realize that Isiah Thomas was just 32 years old when he played his last game? There's almost no chance Billups retires that early, but if he's serious about not playing at 37, his next contract this summer is likely his last one -- which is why I doubt he's thinking about anything like a "hometown discount."