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First annual ‘Need4Sheed/Detroit Bad Boys Blogfest’

April 1.

(Right now, you're thinking "April Fools? The anniversary of the formation of the Republic of Irleland? The first same-sex marriage in The Netherlands?" And I'm thinking, "what the hell is wrong with you?")

What's so special about April 1 (other than it being the birthday of the late Bo Schembechler, Method Man, and Supreme Court Justice Samuel AlitoA banner day, really.)?

April 1, 2007 (a Sunday) happens to be the date of the inaugural Need4Sheed/Detroit Bad Boys Blogfest. A date when creators, commenters, readers, and/or hangers-on (i.e., me) of your favorite Piston blogs, Need4Sheed and DBB, will join forces at the Palace of Auburn Hills for an afternoon of D-Wade flopping, Delfino domination, and frequent trips to the Red Bull Bar.

There might be prizes. There will probably be profanity and/or awkward high-fives. And there will definitely be an opportunity for you to meet up with some of the personalities that have made N4S and DBB so successful... namely you all. Honestly, there are any number of sites to get your basketball news/views from, and most are just as capable of stringing together a few sentences without too many typos. But sites like N4S and DBB only work because you all choose to visit and share your opinions. This is a way for us all to put faces to names.

Is (Matt) Watson really 7 feet tall? You'll find out.
Does Natalie roll with an entourage? You'll find out.
Am I "Pierce Brosnan" sexy? Not by a longshot.

So stay tuned for ticket details (we're working on a group rate), but draw a big red circle around April 1. And do us a favor -- let us know your interest/availability in the comments. (It will help immensely with the logistics.)

This should be a great time. We hope to see you there.

No joke.

[Update from Matt: Actually, we looked into a group rate and it really wasn't much of a discount -- so go ahead and buy your tickets and plan on meeting up before, during and/or after the game. We'll have more details as the game approaches about when/where we'll meet, but for sure it'll be in the Palace, and possibly at a nearby establishment afterward, as well, if enough people are interested.]