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What Antonio McDyess said on Friday…

A lot of us were wondering what Antonio McDyess said to get tossed for two quick techs in Friday's game. Turns out it was a little underwhelming:

The two technical fouls that referee Derek Richardson called on McDyess were on the touchy side. McDyess was laughing about it Saturday.

"The foul was just ridiculous, and I said (to Richardson), 'You must be blind if you think that's a foul,' " McDyess said. "And there's plenty of times I've said that to refs, so it just must be certain ones you can say that to. He gave me a tech.

"Then I was looking at Chauncey (Billups), after a bad call, I didn't know he (Richardson) was standing right in back of us, and I said to Chauncey, 'Still blind,' and he gave me another tech. I was like, 'Shoot.' So I'm in the locker room thinking I should have gotten my money's worth.

" He's just sensitive, man, I don't know. But I think Sheedy had them all riled up before that happened."

Not so McNice? [Detroit News]